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Ambient & Temperature Conditions Monitoring Devices


Ambient Conditions and Temperature monitoring devices are using as part of quality control process during Blasting & Painting Activity. Relative Humidity, steel temperature and dew point temperature monitoring process is vital, without proper monitoring condensation of dew or moisture on the surface of the substratre is likely to occur after blasting or before paint film application.


Topfields Borneo Sdn. Bhd. manufactures a range of ambient conditions monitoring devices such as Whirling Hygrometers, magnetic surface temeprature gauges and infrared thermometers.




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Whirling Hygrometer

TOPFIELDS BORNEO SDN. BHD. provides  portable Whirling Hygrometers that is displays wet and dry bulb temperature readings accurately suitable for both laboratory and field engineering environment

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Magnetic Surface Temperature Gauge

TOPFIELDS BORNEO SDN. BHD. provides a portable Magnetic Surface Temperature gauges which are cheap and effective at measuring surface temperature of steel surfaces during blasting & Painting Activity.

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Infrared Thermometer

TOPFIELDS BORNEO SDN. BHD. introduces a unique method of measuring surface temperature during blasting and painting activity, using a fast and reliable method utilizing infrared thermometers. Simply aim and press the button at any object or surface. Safely measures temperature of hot, hazardous and hard to reach areas.

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Humidity & Temperature Meter


•Large LCD display for easy reading


•Comes with convenient pouch bag

•Suitable for both laboratory and field use

•Enable/disable auto power off: The meter shuts off automatically after 15 minutes inactivity under auto power off mode, disable auto power off is available

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