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IMM-SSPC Blasting Painting (C7 C12 ) 


Become an SSPC certified Blaster Painter with IMM C7 & C12 program today. Our C7 and C12 program has become our local industry standard. Furthermore, this professional certification is issued by IMM/SSPC to qualify you to work as a blaster painter within malaysia or internationally.




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• Contractors and facility owners

• Project supervisors

• Contractor craftworkers who wish to obtain certification

• Others who wish to learn about dry abrasive blast cleaning of steel


 Abrasive Blasting Program (C7)


• Principles of Surface Preparation • Nozzle Abrasive Blast Cleaning Systems (with Hands-On Session) • Wet Abrasive Blast Systems (with Hands-On Session) • Abrasives • Portable Centrifugal (Wheel) Abrasive Blast Cleaning Systems (with Hands-On Session) • Abrasive Blast Cleaning Nonferrous Substrates


 Spray Application Program (C12)


• Introduction/Overview of Airless/Conventional Spray Equipment Operational Systems • Proper Mixing Techniques • Proper Spray Techniques • Troubleshooting • Convention Spray (optional)