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surface profile gauges


Surface Profile gauges are used to measure surface profile or anchor pattern of a steel substrate after surface preperation by blasting or other mechanical methods. The purpose of measuring the surface profile is to meet the requirements of the coating ensuring that the coating applied adheres to the steel substrate after curing.(Mechanical Bonding)




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TOPGAUGE SPG 1018 Digital Surface Profile Gauge

TOPFIELDS BORNEO SDN. BHD. introduces a digital surface profile gauge for blasting & painting industry. This equipment is suitable for both laboratory and field environment. The liquid crystal display clearly shows all the measured parameter with high accuracy.

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TOPGAUGE DTG219 Micrometer Surface Profile Gauge

TOPFIELDS BORNEO SDN. BHD. provides  portable Micrometer Surface profile gauges suitable for obtaining peak to valley surface profile reading from replica tape that is displays digital and clear reading can be used for for both laboratory and field engineering environment

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Testex tape used in conjunction with micrometer profile gauges to measure surface profile. The foam tape is depressed against the surface profile for its shape to conform to the profile valleys. The micrometer measures the length of the depression. Final Value obtained must be subtstracted by 50um to account for the textex backing tape.

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